Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Challenge 2

The second challenge involves making a card using one of the new paper kits in the current catalogue. Splendor (Goldrush, heavenly blue, moonstruck, topary), or Zippidee (cranberry, desert sand, honey, indian corn blue). If you don't have the kits then you can call me to get them or use the solid paper colours from those kits. Of course you can use any and all embellishments, stamps and imagination as long as it fits with the theme and colours. Stop by in a few days to see what I come up with.

Challenge 1

Here are the three cards that I made for the first challenge. I hope you like them.
The very first challenge is to create a regular sized card using only pink, white and black. You can use any medium as long as it only has those colours in it. So, you can use cardstock, paper, patterened paper, ink, stamps, stickers and any embelishments of any kind as long as they only have pink, white and black on them. Email them to me and I will post the pictures in the gallery with your name on them. Good luck and have fun.
This card comes from Wishes page12
This card comes from Wishes page 12
This card comes from Wishes page 11